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Robert’s Day Out With Thomas

Robert, Jason and parents spent a Day Out With Thomas in Essex, Connecticut. Both Robert and Jason went to DOWT two years ago. Jason fondly remembers the experience, but Robert was probably too little.

The day started with a long drive to Connecticut. Both children stayed up for the entire time. We took a brief stop in Milford and shopped at the Cracker Barrel store. After that, it was nonstop to Essex, where we arrived with plenty of time to spare.

We parked and took the Percy shuttle to the train station. There, we had a quick lunch of hot dogs, chicken nuggets, french fries, and popcorn. Then it was time to catch the train!

After the train ride, the children picked out a few books from the gift shop, enjoyed the train tables, and watched a magic show.

By then, they were ready for a quick nap. We drove to Waterford, CT where we did a little bit of shopping and hunted for Sonic the Hedgehog toys and collectibles.

After that, dinner at Olive Garden, more shopping for Sonic, and a long drive home. The children both stayed up again for the entire ride home!