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Robert Turns 1 Year Old

Robert is now one year old! He first celebrated his birthday with his brother Jason at a combined party ten days early. Then, on March 29, 2011, he had a mini party with his parents and grandparents.

At one year old, Robert is becoming more active and mischievous. He tends to want to do exactly the things we tell him not to do. Even though he took his first steps more than a month ago, he still likes to get around by crawling, although he is spending more time on his feet every day. He says a few different words like “Mama” and “Baba”, but he communicates pretty well by saying “Eh!” in various tones or volumes.

Robert gets along very well with his brother Jason. They share many of the same interests such as playing with trains and eating cucumbers. The only problem is when they both want to play with the same toy.