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Robert at 10 Months

Today, Robert is 10 months old!

At this age, he is very curious and adventurous. He likes to crawl under the tables, pick up various things off the ground, and of course, put everything in his mouth.

Robert is now crawling very quickly and standing up when he can hold onto something. We introduced a walker toy to him this week and he is already doing very well. Here is a video with a few of his attempts.

Robert Playing Music

Robert’s favorite activities lately are crawling, eating, and playing the recorder.

Here is a recent video incorporating two of the above.

Robert’s First Christmas

Robert enjoyed his first Christmas. He was very well behaved and sociable on Christmas Eve at home and Christmas Day in Oxford. His favorite toy was the one picked out by Mike (according to Mike).

A few days later he turned nine months old. At his doctor visit, he came in at 29 inches in length and 19 pounds, 7 ounces in weight. That is 2 inches and almost 2 pounds more than his 6 month visit. He is tall for his age, and his weight is acceptable based on height.

He is crawling very fast now and also waves to us. Mike says his first word was “Oh!”

Hristina says it was “Dada.” (See Dadaism)