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Jason Sings to Robert

Robert has always been very interested in his big brother Jason. Often, he likes to sit and watch Jason play with his trains or cars. Robert always pays attention to the things Jason says, whether or not they make sense.

Sometimes when Robert is tired or cranky, Jason will sing to him to calm him down. Here is a video of big brother Jason pushing Robert’s swing and singing.

Robert Video Milestones

Robert is now just over four months old. Time passes quickly with two small children in the house.

At his four month check up, he was 25.5 inches and 15 pounds, 4 ounces. That is an increase of nearly 3 inches and 3 pounds from his height and weight two months prior. On the growth chart he is around the 60th percentile.

Below are two videos and a recent picture of Robert. He has been passing some milestones, turning over from back to front and eating his first solid food. The first video shows him almost turning over in his crib, and the second video is from the first time he ate solid food.