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Robert Turns 2 Years Old

Today Robert celebrates his second birthday!

Both Robert and Jason had a combined family party last weekend. They will also have a combined children’s party next month when the weather is better. Today, we will have a small celebration just for Robert and give him a very special present- a Robot!

At two years old, Robert is very interested in the world around him and anxious to communicate. He likes naming things that he sees around the house, outside, or in books. He is speaking in brief descriptive sentences, and can count to ten on his own. Robert likes to imitate everything he sees his big brother Jason doing. Robert can’t wait to go to pre-school.

Robert enjoys playing with water and sand, and he usually manages to make a mess with either one. He is intrigued by pockets. His favorite show is the Backyardigans Robot Special. He also likes Super Y, which he used to call “Sup-a-Dup.”

Happy Birthday, Robert! You are our little angel.