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Robert Turns 3 Years Old

Today is Robert’s third birthday!

This morning I told Robert he could do whatever he wanted to do since it was his birthday. He said he wanted to play with Jason.

I told him I could take him somewhere special and asked him where he wanted to go. He said he wanted to get a doughnut.

At three years old, Robert is an active and charismatic young boy. He prefers being silly to being serious. He enjoys school and clearly admires and likes playing with his brother Jason despite some periodic skirmishes. Robert likes “soft bags”, macaroni and cheese, painting, puzzles, and Super Sonic. He enjoys going to school and playing with his friends.

For a special lunch, Robert and Jason went to KFC where they enjoyed a meal of popcorn chicken, potatoes, and macaroni and cheese.

After lunch, they went to the park with “gooses” where they played on the playground and dug in the dirt.

After a few hours back at home, Jason and Robert went to their annual check up at the doctor. Robert was very brave and did not cry from his shot. We stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts afterwards. At home Jason built a police car and Robert built an airplane. Here he is painting and making a “mad face”.

Later that night, Robert started opening some presents. The best one was Super Sonic!

More presents and then it was time for cake.

Happy Birthday Big Boy Robert!